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Getting married? Mazal Tov?

Aish Tel Aviv profoundly impacts approximately 2,000 couples annually who marry under the auspices of the Tel Aviv Rabbinate, which requires a basic class on Taharat HaMishpacha before it sanctions a marriage and issues a marriage certificate.

The success of Aish Tel Aviv in reaching young couples in the Tel Aviv area has convinced the Rabbinate to deepen their partnership with the organization and recognize Aish as its official representative, enabling us to broaden our services and offer thousands of young couples the option of opening a marriage file at our center instead of the office of the Rabbinate.

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In addition, Aish TLV offers a one-stop shop which allows couples to do everything they need to do with the Rabbanut, without ever going to the Rabbanut.  Working with Aish TLV, you register and get all the ishurim you need with no lines, and no need to take time away from the office or your busy life.
Best of all, we make the “hadracha” experience fun and inspiring, providing a lively discussion about marriage, zugiut, communication and tips for starting a life together, for the chatan and kallah together.  You can choose from either an evening or Friday morning workshop at our convenient WeWork office on Ibn Gvirol.
Because our program is in partnership with the Rabbanut, you will receive all the official Rabbanut documents you require (written approvals for the Ktubah and Mikveh) , exactly as if you went to the Rabbanut itself.

Aish TLV makes getting married in Israel pleasant and meaningful, from start to finish.

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