Couples Hadracha at Aish TLV

Why do I need to do Couples Hadracha?

The Rabbinate requires a basic class on Taharat HaMishpacha (family purity) before it sanctions a marriage and issues a marriage certificate.

What is Couples Hadracha?

Learning about Taharat Hamishpacha (Family Purity) - According to Jewish law there are specific ways of acting at certain times of the woman's menstrual cycle. 
The Hadracha also provides the couples with tools for a successful marriage. 

Why Aish Tel Aviv?

We offer a fun experience - couples Hadracha. Our madrichot are experienced and professional, with a warm and personal touch. Young couples come to us both from Tel Aviv and from the surrounding areas. We are recognised as the official  partner of the Tel Aviv Rabbanut enabling thousands of couples to come to Aish TLV to open a marriage file and to learn in our pre-marriage Hadracha class.

Will I receive all the necessary documents required to get married?

Absolutely, yes, at the end of the Hadracha you will receive Ishur Ketuba and Ishur for mikvah. This is recognized at any Rabbanut.



So when can I come?

Aish TLV offers Couples Hadracha for groups in our offices at WeWork, 3 times a week.

  • Mondays at 19:20

  • Tuesday at 18:50

  • Fridays at 09:50

Will there be other couples there?

Yes, it is a group Hadracha

Do I need to book in advance?



How long does it last?

Approximately 2 hours including breaks​

How much does it cost?


Absolutely nothing

How long before the wedding should we come?

Ideally a month before

Do I have to bring anything?

No, just yourselves and good humor

Where does the Hadracha take place?

At WeWork, Ibn Gvirol 30, See map

How can I book the Hadracha?

You can either call us

03-523-7362 or send us an email

Please Note: The Hadracha takes place in Hebrew. To find out when the next Hadracha will take place in English please contact us

To book a Hadracha in Hebrew Click here


The Hadracha takes place in the Aish TLV offices in WeWork, Londonministore - Ibn Gvirol 30, Tel Aviv. It is serviced by a number of bus lines.

There is limited parking on the street, and also an underground car park on Dubnov - between 5 and 7. 

How to find us inside the building:

The entrance to the WeWork offices is next to שער יוסף.

  • If you enter the building from Ibn Gvirol, go straight past superpharm on your left and the various restaurants on your right. In the center there is a falafel stand, turn right, go to the end and Wework is on your right.

  • If you enter from Shaul Hamelech, next to Cofix, go up the stairs, straight, and the entrance to Wework is on your right. 

  • Entrance from the carpark: Go up in the elevator to the ground level, turn left, left again and then right after the falafel stand. 

Tel:  058-674-0370             

Fax: 072-244-9449


Aish TLV Offices:



Ibn Gvirol 30

Tel Aviv

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