Private Couples Learning

Come explore your heritage as a couple and deepen your understanding and relationship with your heritage

Investigate how you would like to bring your heritage into your family

Take a session at no cost and pick variety of topics or just ask the questions that you and your spouse have been curious about .

Examples of topics include:

  • Text learning

  • Shalom Bayit- improving marriage

  • Personal empowerment

  • Jewish segulot

  • Practical jewish holiday observance

The meeting is a private between the couple and our professional marriage madrich or rabbi .

To make an appointment please
email the Aish TLV office or call on 03-523-7362


Hafrashat Challa

What is Hafrashat Challa? How is it done? Why is it viewed as a women's Mitzvah? What is so special about this Mitzvah that it is considered an auspicious time for prayers to be answered?

Come and get all the answers to these questions and more, and experience a powerful evening, combined with song, happiness, women's energy and learning. There is no need for prior baking experience, just come with lots of positive energy and an open mind.

Contact Us to find out when the next evening will take place


Weekly Classes

Once a week we host a class on a variety of topics relevant to your life and spiritual growth such as prayer and Jewish holidays.

For more information please feel free to contact us.

Couples Workshop

Once a week for 3 weeks every month Aish TLV hosts a workshop for couples on how to achieve a successful relationship with your partner.

Among the topics discussed are:

  • Loving your partner

  • Healthy communication

  • Interaction

  • Self-empowerment


Contact Us for more details



Aish TLV is pleased to gift a mezuza to every couple who comes for Hadracha. Either a rabbi or Aish volunteer will come to your home to explain about the mitzvah and put it up.

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