Through Aish TLV you can register for marriage. This means that now there is no need to go to the Rabanut, you can simply come to us at WeWork, Ibn Gvirol to open a file.

Simply contact us to make a time to come - both you and your partner, either during the day or in the evening -whenever is convenient for you, fill in the forms and bring all the relevant documents - you can send them by email or whatsapp and no need to worry, we take care of it all for you. 


What is required to open a file?

Both of you must fill out a registration form and sign it - we need the original copy of this. You can request a form from us by email or whatsapp (058-674-0370).

To open a marriage file, you must provide a set of documents that clarify your personal status. Make sure to bring originals (not copies) of all the necessary documents with you. All your personal information will remain confidential. Note: When you come to register, you will be expected to know what date you are planning for your wedding. 

Identification Documents and Fees:

1. Identity cards from the bride and the groom including the adendum which declares status

2. A separate photo of the bride and of the groom – or alternatively you can send us a nice photo or yourself by email or whatsapp

3. Marriage certificate and ketubah from both sets of parents, or marriage certificate of siblings in Israel

4. 717 NIS (Students up to the age of 30, yeshiva pupils, soldiers in regular service, National Service personnel, new immigrants and persons on welfare are entitled to a discount of up to 40% = 430 NIS) If you are eligible for a discount please bring proof 

5. Bring a letter from the rabbi conducting your chupa

6. A copy of the Kashrut certificate from the hall where you are getting married

Witnesses: You must present two witnesses that can testify to your unmarried status. They should come into the office, they can come individually, and fill in a form testifying to your status. They should confirm first when is a good time to come. 

Immigrants: Immigrants from Western countries need to provide certification of Jewish status from authorized Orthodox rabbis. The rabbinate maintains a list of authorized rabbis. If you have a problem obtaining certification, please be in touch with us for help.

Before you can receive your ketuba you must also show proof that you took pre-marriage hadracha (ideally this should be 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding). You can come to us (details below)

We will let you know if we need anything else from you


Hadracha at Aish Tel Aviv

Hadrachot are offered for the bride and groom together at our Aish Tel Aviv office, at WeWork, Ibn Gvirol 30, Tel Aviv with our fantastic madrichot.
The Hadrachot take place on Mondays from 19:20-21:30, Tuesdays from 18:50-21:00 and Fridays from 09:50 – 12:00.
We also offer hadrachot in English, if you are interested, please contact us.
The Hadracha is first joint and then separate.
All Hadrachot must be scheduled in advance!
You can either schedule here or call : 03-5237362 or 058-674-0370

Tel:  058-674-0370             

Fax: 072-244-9449


Aish TLV Offices:



Ibn Gvirol 30

Tel Aviv

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